Welcome to Bogotá! The IGSS2020 is pleased to welcome you to the city of Bogotá, in this page you will find some of the tourist places that are in or near the city. The sociocultural committee of the IGSS2020 will coordinate transportation at specific times to some of these tourist sites during the event so we can ensure you can go to these activities in a safely way. However, if you are interested in attending another of the places that we have shown here but that for logistical reasons have not been designated transportation, the committee will give you all the necessary information and help you with everything that is required so that you can access this activity without any problem.

The prices that appear here are going to be shown in Colombian pesos, please use a currency converter to know how much money is equivalent in the currency of your origin country .



Monserrate is located in Bogota, it is the most known hill of the eastern hills. On the top, it is located a sanctuary that is visited annually by a large number of people and parishioners, it is possible to access the sanctuary, restaurants and shops located on the top of the hill by 3 ways of transport: the cable car, the funicular or the pedestrian path. From the top it is possible to visualize the city of Bogota in almost all its extension as well as visualize the natural wealth of the hill during the ascent.

Colón theater


The Colón Theater opened its doors in 1982 and were built by Pietro Cantini , it’s a building with great historical and cultural wealth where numerous theater, dance, opera and zarzuela performances by national and international groups are held. Also, there are guided tours throughout the theater (behind the scenes, boxes, halls, etc.) and its 127 years of magnificent history, which was recognized by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as one of the 8 most amazing theaters in the world.

Price rates for Colón behind scene : $ 10,000COP(2,94 USD aprox.) Duration: between 60 and 75 min. Languages ​​Spanish, English and French.

You will be able to see information about the plays of May 1,2 and 3 and their rates very soon.

Botanical Garden


Adult prices: 3.500 COP (1,03 USD aprox.)

Childrens 4-12 years old: 1.800COP *Children 3 years old and younger and adolts over 60 years old do not have to pay


Maloka is the first world’s fully transparent and underground interactive science and technology center in the world. Where you can make different tours in the interactive rooms and learn about physical and chemical phenomena. In addition, it has digital rooms and a dome that has a 180 degree screen of 22 meters in diameter where you can enjoy the different projections offered.


Infinite challenge: Tour through interactive experiences + Dome + Digital Room $ 41,900 COP per person

Crealabs: Interactive experiences or 2D Dome + 1 laboratory session $ 39,900 COP per person

Conqueror challenge: Tour through interactive experiences + 3D Dome $ 36,100 COP per person.

Recorrido explorador: Recorrido por experiencias interactivas + Domo 2D o Sala Digital $30.700 COP por persona.

Reto pionero Recorrido por las experiencias interactivas $24.800 COP por persona

Domo 3D: $19.100 COP por persona Domo 2D $13.100 COP por persona Sala Digital $13.100 COP por persona

Gold museum


The gold museum has exhibitions of goldsmiths and pottery of indigenous cultures of the pre-Columbian period of Colombia, there are approximately 30,000 pieces made of gold, 20,000 lithic objects, ceramics, stones and textiles that are part of the cultures of Quimbaya, Tayrona, Zenú, Muisca, Tolima, among others. the different sculptures and figures are distributed in 5 large rooms. This museum has the largest pre-Hispanic goldsmith’s exhibition in the world.

Prices Tuesday – Saturday $ 4,000 COP (1,17USD aprox.) Holidays not Monday $ 4,000 COP(1,17USD aprox.)- (The Gold Museum is closed every Monday, even holidays Mondays) .
On Sundays admission is free for everyone.

Schedule: Monday is closed,Tuesday to saturday: 9 am to 7pm, Sunday :10 am 5pm Last admission: One hour before closing time

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of Bogotá

The “Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of Bogotá” is located more specifically in the Bogotá history center in the Bolivar square. It is a church of Catholic worship with great cultural, historical and architectural value where you can enter any of the Eucharist that are celebrated there if you prefer. Likewise, you can visit the surroundings of the cathedral through the Bolivar square where you can visit other places of great architectural value, visit typical Colombian food stores or participate in the feeding of the pigeons found in the square.

Price: free

Schedule: Monday to Friday: morning from 10:30 am-12: 30 pm and afternoon 2:00 pm-5:00pm Saturday: 10 am-12pm

Adress: Cra. 7 #11-10, Bogotá, Colombia


The Usaquén park is located in the town of Usaquén in the northern part of the city of Bogotá, for years it has been the place of preference for visitors and the inhabitants of the city to celebrate special occasions given by the large number of restaurants in this area that offer a variety of food, drinks and live music. You can visit “the street of the hippies” where you will find different handmade pieces such as paintings, accessories, backpacks, etc. that are handmade by the sellers  of this street, very close there are 2 shopping centers too “Santa Ana” and ” Santa Barbara”

Near Bogotá

Guatavita Lagoon

he Guatape Lagoon is located 75km away from Bogota on the eastern mountain range of Colombia.It is a place of great historical wealth thanks to legends such as the “Dorado” that takes into account the rituals performed by the natives to their gods bathing in gold and diving into the lagoon to offer their treasures. In this lagoon you can find different types of flora along the route that lasts approximately 2 hours.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá


The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is located 29 kilometers away from Bogotá. Inside, there are a variety of sculptures of salt and marble with great religious influence that brings thousands of tourists throughout the year;  also you can find and make other activities arranged for visitors such as the water mirror, the viacrucis , light shows, a 3D movie, the dome, etc.

ADULT general rate: $ 59,000 COP(17,32USD aprox.)
Colombian basic rate: (presenting citizenship card or residence card) $ 36,000 COP (10,57USD aprox.) (13 – 59 years) and $ 26,000 COP(7,63USD) (4 – 12 years and 60 years and older)
* Make the payment on the day of your visit directly at the Box Office of the Salt Park.

*Audio guide (spanish, english, portuguese,mandarin,German, French and Italian)
*Light and sound show throughout the tour
*Visit to the water mirror
*3D movie about NUKUMA history
*Walk salt tracks

Complementary Attractions:
*Miner’s route: 6.000 COP (1,67USD aprox.)
*Brine Museum : 3.000 COP (0,88 USD aprox.)
*Canopy: 10.000 COP (2,94USD aprox.)
*Climbing wall: 10.000 COP (2,94USD aprox.)
*Train ride: 5.000 COP (1,47 USD aprox.)


Socio-cultural committee for the IGSS2020 will hire cars during the event at different times, so you can go without any problem to any of the following 4 places