How much do you spend on a spinal fusion?

How much does a spinal surgery cost? 

As you can imagine, it’s a huge question, especially when you’re talking about a procedure that’s one of the most common surgeries in the world. 

In a recent article on the blog, I asked two surgeons, Dr. William Breen and Dr. Robert Smith, to offer some insight on the costs and benefits of spinal fusion surgeries. 

Breen and Smith also shared their experiences with spinal fusion procedures in their respective fields. 

Here are the results of their conversation: 1.

Can spinal fusion be considered a form of plastic surgery? 

The two surgeons shared their thoughts on whether spinal fusion was considered a surgery in their field of specialty. 

“As a general rule, we do not have a surgical procedure in the field of spinal surgery that is a plastic surgery procedure,” said Smith.

“As a result, there is no reason to think that the surgical procedure is a type of plastic procedure.”

Dr. Breen agreed that the surgeon does not have the experience to comment on the specific surgical procedures that are considered plastic surgery in the United States. 


Are there any limitations to spinal fusion, such as the possibility of infection? 

Smith said that there are a few limitations to the surgical procedures performed on a patient’s spinal cord. 

The most common limitations include: a.

In the case of spinal cord injuries, there are certain limitations of the anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord that allow it to be immobilized for a short period of time, but not for the patient. 


In order to achieve the desired results, the surgeon must apply pressure on the cord with the help of a hydraulic device to achieve an adequate amount of tissue growth. 


There are limitations of bone tissue which allow the surgeon to use a bone graft to help the patient grow new bone, but this procedure requires the use of a very invasive procedure to be able to achieve a graft in the first place. 

Smith also said that while a person with a spinal injury could not recover without a spinal implant, he is able to get a spinal replacement within a few months. 


How does the spinal fusion procedure work? 

In the video above, the two surgeons discuss the surgery of spinal replacement. 

While the surgeon first uses a hydraulic pressure to apply pressure to the patient’s spine, a plastic surgeon applies a graft. 

Once the graft is applied, the plastic surgeon then removes the graft and uses it to grow new tissue. 

After the graft has grown, the procedure is then repeated to try to replace the existing tissue.

The two surgeons said that the process is performed over a short time period. 


How much of the patient is still functional? 

“We have no idea if the patient can walk or talk,” said Breen.

“The patient is not able to eat or drink and cannot do any other activities, including doing a lot of physical activity.”

Smith added that there is a possibility that the patient could walk or walk but not talk for a few weeks after surgery. 


How long does it take for the recovery time after a spinal cord injury? 

According to Breen, the recovery period is between two to four weeks. 


What does the prognosis for a spinal surgeon’s patients after a spine fusion procedure? 

If the surgeon’s surgery is successful, the patient has a long recovery. 

For the recovery of the nerves and muscles, the doctors say that the recovery can be as long as one to two years. 


Do patients still need to be physically active after a surgery?

“The patients will need to keep working to regain function of the body,” said Dr. Brenn. 


How are patients treated for a surgery, after it’s successful?

 The doctors said that patients can return to their normal life once they return to normal activity. 


Can the patient recover from a spinal or a plastic replacement surgery?

 “The recovery from a plastic or a spinal transplantation procedure is very different from the recovery from an implantation procedure,” Dr. Smith said.

“It is very possible that patients might not have returned to their previous activity levels after a plastic transplant or a spine transplant surgery.” 


What are the recovery times for spinal or plastic replacements? 

After a spinal and a plastic graft are removed, the surgeons said they can expect a recovery period of between two and four weeks, depending on the size and the type of surgery performed. 


Do there need to always be a doctor present during the recovery? 

Dr. Smith added that the best recovery time from a transplant is between six to nine months, depending upon the size of the surgery.

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