Why are surgeons turning to thoracic surgery for back pain?

A new study by researchers at the University of Illinois suggests a potential link between thoracopical surgery and back pain.

The study, published in the International Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery, found that surgeons were using thoracopedic surgeries in nearly 40% of patients who were referred to them for back problems.

Dr Richard C. Lutz, the study’s lead author, said that while thoracoping has been proven to be an effective and effective method of treating back pain, it’s time to make it available to more people.

“The research has shown that thoracopy is effective in treating the symptoms of back pain and has been shown to be safe and effective,” Dr Lutz said.

“So the next step is to bring thoracoplasty into the medical field and give patients the opportunity to use thoracopic surgery to treat their back pain.”

The study looked at patients who underwent thoracocostomy, which is an operation that uses a catheter inserted into the back of the neck to move blood from the spine into the spine.

Dr Lutz says thoracopsys can also be used for back and neck injuries such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and back spasms.

“We know that the surgery can treat a range of different disorders,” Dr Cliches said.

He said that the latest research from Dr Luthus is important as it could help pave the way for patients to be able to get thoracostomy as a routine treatment.

“Thoracopedics have been shown in studies to be effective in managing pain and pain-related symptoms, and it’s important for patients and surgeons to be aware of the benefits of this technique and the risks associated with it,” Dr. Clicches said.

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