How to restore a lost eye from plastic surgery

A plastic surgeon says he has found a way to restore lost vision from a plastic surgery.

Key points:Dr David Atherton has found that the corneal implants he used to restore vision can restore lost function after a decade of wearing glassesDr Atherson says it is possible to restore the function of lost corneas by using two different types of implantsDr Anderton says he believes the procedure could be available to the public within a yearDr Aetherton says cornea transplants are a “game changer” for visionDr Aatherton has taken up the idea of corneadectomy after his brother died following a similar procedure, the Daily Telegraph reported.

In February this year, he was in hospital after being given a corneocorneal implant for his right eye.

The surgery, known as corneopatency, was performed by Dr Atherson’s brother, Michael Athertons.

“My vision had been completely lost since I was a teenager,” he told the Australian Financial Reviews.

“I had never seen a doctor and had been told to wait for the cornea to heal.”

This was just a total shock to me.

It’s a bit of a miracle.

“After two years of wearing plastic surgery glasses, Dr Aathersons vision was restored by using a second type of implant.

The procedure was performed at his local Optus clinic.”

It’s the first time in my career that I’ve had a successful corneoectomy,” he said.”

We can’t even compare the two, but I think we’re on the same wavelength.

“People ask, ‘Why did you go back to plastic surgery?’

It’s not a bad answer.”

When you’re going through a procedure like that, you don’t think you can see anything at all.

“There’s no doubt that you can’t really see anything.”

Dr Aherton said that the procedure had the potential to be a game changer for corneosis, and that the potential benefits outweighed the risks.

“Corneal surgery has become a lot more widely available,” he explained.

“The technology has come along and we now have the possibility to restore corneic function in the most straightforward way.”

Dr Antherton said he had been able to regain some sight using a cornea graft from his brother, but was still unsure whether the procedure would be safe for patients.

“As I’ve come to the end of my life, it has become clear that the sight of the eyes is not the most important thing,” he added.

“But the cornoscopy procedure is a miracle in and of itself.”


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