Dr. Daniel H. Sonders of UCSF says a new treatment for acid reflux syndrome could be ready within the next year

The treatment for a rare disorder in which the digestive tract becomes inflamed and acid-producing in the stomach, intestines and intestines is now in clinical trials and researchers believe it may be ready for use within the coming year.

Dr. Daniel SondERS, a UCSF gastroenterologist, has spent years studying the condition, which is known as acid reflugation syndrome, and has spent much of his career working to find a cure.

He says he has been surprised by the level of progress so far.

“We’ve been very, very excited,” he said.

“We’ve had great success with this treatment.”

The drug currently being studied by Sondermanns team at UCSF is an enzyme called rifampicin, which has been used to treat other types of ulcerative colitis and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

It is given intravenously and can be administered for a few days.

The treatment has been shown to help the body repair damage caused by acid reflation, but has not yet been tested in humans.

Sonters team is now studying how it could be used in people.

“This treatment is a combination of rifamipramine and rifabutin, both drugs that are approved by FDA, to help control the acid reflag, which causes the acid in the esophagus to become toxic to the stomach,” he explained.

“The medication can also help to stabilize the acidation in the intestines, which in turn helps the stomach and intestins to function normally.”

This study is a phase 2 clinical trial and there are no indications of a potential clinical trial yet.

However, Dr. Sondsers said he is optimistic that rifampsicin could be safe and effective, and he believes the drug could be available within the decade.

“I think that’s probably a long time in the future,” he added.

“Because the drug is an antibiotic, it’s not going to be taken by people who are already having acid reflow problems.

It’s going to go to people who have acid refloating problems, and we think that would be a really good thing.”

The trial will focus on two different types of patients.

The first is people with ulcerated esophageal mucosa who require regular antibiotic treatment.

The second group is those with normal esophagal mucosal mucosa and are unable to tolerate antibiotics.

In both groups, rifacetamidine, an antibiotic used to control ulceration, is administered.

The treatment is administered in two phases, starting with two days and ending with two weeks.

Sondermanners team hopes to begin the study in the first phase in 2019.

“It’s very early, but I think that the success rate will be really good,” he continued.

“And we’re very confident that the drug will be safe, effective and, ultimately, be a treatment for people who already have acid problems. “

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