How to Fix Your Hairline Surgery Hairline surgery is a major procedure that involves cutting the ends of your hair to give you a new shape and look. You might want to do it at the beginning of your transition or after you’ve been shaved or waxed, but it’s not recommended if you’re already bald. Learn more here. Hairline tattoos are another option, but you’re not allowed to have them unless you’ve had a procedure to do so. Find out if you have any tattoos in the


Read more Hairline Tattoos: Hairline Removal How to Treat Hairline Disorders Hairline disorders are a common problem in transgender people.

If you have a disorder, you might be asked to remove your hairline.

If so, you’ll have to follow the instructions in the section below.

Learn More: HairLine Tattoos Hairline treatments Hairline problems can be treated with hairline removal.

Some hairline disorders include: Tattooing: Some hairlines may not be able to be easily removed, so you might have to use a tattoo removal tool to make them.

The best option is a laser tattoo removal.

Learn about laser hairline treatments in the Hairline Treatment section of this guide.

Linguistics: Linguistic disorders, such as dyslexia, can affect a person’s speech and reading ability.

This may require some training to use in order to use certain words correctly.

Learn how to use the Speech Therapy and Reading Test (STRT) in this guide to help with learning how to read.

Lateral hairline problems: This problem occurs when hairline hair falls below the scalp.

If your hair falls too low, you may not have enough room to move your hair around and will have difficulty with language.

Learn all about hairline lateral problems in this article.

Hairpiece issues: This can happen if your hairpiece has been damaged, especially if it’s worn with other hairpieces.

Learn the symptoms of hairpiece issues in this section of the Hairpiece Treatment article.

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