Butt surgery not recommended for teenage girl who is 5 months pregnant

An Adelaide teenager has been forced to undergo a hip replacement operation because of a serious risk of complications during pregnancy.

Key points:The teen was given a hip implant by her family but had the operation done by doctors who were not licensed to perform the procedureThe operation was delayed due to the high volume of complicationsThe girl has been told she will need to have the operation again soonAfter the surgery, the teenager had the implant removed but was later told the procedure could be performed again in two weeks.

The girl, who is five months pregnant, was in a car with her family and her partner when she suffered a “fracture to the lower part of her hip”.

She said the operation went very well, and the surgery was completed in just two weeks, but complications arose.

“I went home with my partner, my husband and two of my kids, and it was just the best day ever,” she said.

“They said the hip was fine, it’s just like any other hip.”

She said it took the couple two weeks to travel to the operation venue in the Adelaide suburb of Northport to make arrangements.

“The doctors are very good people and we went to them, but unfortunately the Hip and Lumbar implants aren’t available, so it’s all about that risk, that risk of something going wrong, of complications,” she told 7.30.

“It was really difficult.

I was worried and I felt really, really nervous, because I had no idea what was going on.”

The family is planning to continue the operation as soon as possible.

The mother-of-three has told 7 and 11 her daughter was in the right place at the right time, but was still “totally devastated” by the complications.

“She’s in good spirits and she’s been talking to her dad about it, so hopefully she can get through this, but I can’t tell her, so I can only do what I can do,” she added.

The operation is scheduled to take place on December 6.

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