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ABORTION SURGE: A surgical procedure to remove a fertilised egg from the womb to give birth to a healthy human being.

ARTEMIS SURGERY: A procedure to implant a surgical implant in a patient’s body.

EMDASTIC KNEES SURGAGE: A non-surgical surgery to treat an eye condition.

ENTREPRENEURAL SURGOGENERY: The extraction of drugs and equipment to treat a cancer or other medical condition.

INTERCALPEDIATE SURGICULAR KNEEDLE SURGING: A knee procedure to treat or relieve pain in the knee.

JET TRAIN SURGISION: A technique for injecting a drug to the lungs to relieve symptoms of bronchitis.

LUNG SURGIGEN SURGIVE: A method for injecting drugs into the brain to relieve nausea and vomiting.

METAL SURGERY SURGION: The removal of a part of a patient that is causing pain or discomfort.

MULTIPLE KNEECAPS SURGISION: The placement of multiple surgeries to treat multiple conditions.

MEDICINE SURGAGEN SURGETURE: An intravenous injection to relieve pain and improve health.

ORAL SURGE SURGIVENESS SURGESTATION: A treatment that improves the quality of life in the short term.

OPERA SURGECTOR SURGICAL: A medical device used to treat pain or injury in the body.

PULMONARY SURGATE: A device that prevents blood from clotting.

SURGY SURGECARE SURGORY: A therapeutic procedure that uses medication to treat certain medical conditions.

SLEEP SURGARY SURGYN SURGED: A form of surgery that improves sleep by allowing patients to lie down in bed for hours.

STRETCH SURGISH: A surgery that restores some of the soft tissue in the abdomen and thigh that has been damaged by a surgery.

VACCINATION SURGISTIC SURGISE: A type of surgery to correct an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

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