New study: Dental implant surgery reduces pain and inflammation in dogs

A new study of dog and cat surgeries found that dental implant surgery in animals reduces inflammation and pain in dogs.

The study published in PLOS ONE is the first to test the effectiveness of a dental implant in treating dog or cat orthognastics.

“The results showed that canine orthognathsics have significantly lower inflammatory markers than cats,” lead author David C. Fuchs, MD, a pediatric orthodontist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said in a statement.

The researchers conducted a study of about 4,000 dogs and cats from two different breeds: Staffordshire bull terriers, and American Staffordshire terriers.

Each dog was divided into four groups: those that received a dental implants, those that did not, and those that didn’t.

The dental implants were implanted under the skin of the dogs’ jaws or their mouths.

They then had their teeth ground down by an orthodist and the resulting pulp was put into their mouths for two weeks.

The orthodists took the pulp from the pulp and inserted it into their teeth, which were then ground down.

The scientists then used a technique called dental sealant to fill the pulp.

The sealants also prevented plaque from forming in the cavities of the teeth and helped seal the cavits.

The team found that those who received the implants showed significant improvements in inflammatory markers in their teeth after just two weeks of treatment.

“They didn’t have any complications,” Fuchs said.

“What’s really amazing about this study is that it’s a really simple procedure that has such a positive effect.”

Fuchs and his team also tested the effectiveness on dogs with a number of other conditions, including arthritis and allergies.

“It was really interesting to see how well this works,” said Dr. Jennifer H. Gagnon, a veterinary orthodetic surgeon at the University of Florida, who was not involved in the study.

“These results suggest that this is a safe, safe option that could be used for many conditions.

They are also interesting because the dogs that received dental implants did not show any side effects.

They just had less inflammation, less inflammation in the dogs, and fewer symptoms of pain.”

The researchers hope to continue the study in more dogs and hope to see this technique used in dogs with other conditions.

Furs and teeth are the only things that are completely separate in dogs and humans.

Dogs can have loose teeth and can also chew on their teeth.

For some dogs, it can cause dental problems and for some, it could be a health problem.

While the researchers are currently looking into using the dental sealants in dogs, the implants were also tested in people who have a history of inflammatory bowel disease.

The research is ongoing.

“We are continuing to study other animals with this procedure, and the next step is to test it in people,” Fuches said.

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