How to get brain surgery in 10 minutes

The brain tumor is one of the most difficult of all brain surgeries to perform.

That’s why a team of neurosurgeons from around the world has come together to develop an innovative new procedure that uses light to deliver surgery.

The technique is being tested on patients at a hospital in the United Kingdom.

They’re calling the procedure the “light brain surgery”.

They are hoping to make it more widely available to patients.

The surgery uses light from the patient’s phone, to be directed to the tumor, where the surgeon will implant a light source.

The device uses an inexpensive laser that emits blue light and uses a lens that creates a tiny hole.

The doctor will then use the device to deliver a laser beam that focuses on the tumor.

The laser beam then passes through a tube to the patient, where it will then be directed towards the tumor using a light from a cellphone or a camera.

How it worksThe device uses light that is reflected by the patient and directed by a camera lens.

This laser beam is then directed towards a special, soft skin patch, to make sure that the tumor doesn’t grow too far into the body.

The light also creates an image that shows the inside of the tumor – a “blue brain”.

If the tumor is large enough, it can even cause brain swelling.

The team is also trying to reduce the cost of the procedure by using a cheaper laser.

“Our approach is to reduce our costs and we hope that this approach will lead to better outcomes in a smaller number of patients,” said Dr Roberta Fagan, the principal investigator at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Neurology.

This new approach has already been tested on mice. 

“This is a very exciting time for us,” said Fagan.

 “The first test we will do is to test the technology on human patients.

What this will do, is allow us to perform the surgery in a very fast and efficient way,” said Peter MacLeod, a neurosurgeon at Oxford University who helped develop the procedure.

Fagan said she was very pleased with the outcome of the trial.

“The device is quite efficient and it is very simple to operate.

It is an absolute success,” she said.

It’s a big leap forward for patients, doctors, and societyThe team hopes that the device could be used to treat other types of brain tumors as well.

They are also hoping to test it on patients with multiple sclerosis, which can cause brain damage. 

A prototype is already being tested at a medical facility in Germany.

They plan to expand this research to other areas of the world.

There is one major hurdle though.

Doctors have to be very careful in the use of the device.

Fagan said that the researchers are very aware of the possibility that it could accidentally kill someone.

However, they are confident that this is the most safe way of performing the surgery.

In the meantime, they have already developed a device that will be able to treat the same type of brain tumor, but will use less power.

You can watch the full video of the operation in the video below.

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