When the NHS pays transgender surgeons $300,000 to perform breast surgery

Health workers have been paid up to $300 000 a year to perform surgeries that would have been performed in a gender neutral hospital, the Government has revealed.

Key points:The NHS will pay surgeons up to £300,001 to perform surgery that would be performed in the gender neutral environmentHealth workers will now be required to be trained in the transgender surgery procedureThe Government says this will make it easier for patients to find out more about the procedureHealth workers who are not currently transgender will now have to complete a Gender Identity Identity Test to determine whether they are transgender.

The Government said the cost will be shared by NHS providers.

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt said it was the first time in the NHS’s history that a surgical procedure that was not performed in one gender could be covered by a pay rise.

“This will be an opportunity to train more health workers and make sure that transgender people are in a position to access care,” he said.

“We know transgender people and trans people have very real and pressing health needs and this will give them the confidence to make that claim and access that care.”

Transgender people are people who have transitioned from one gender to another, usually through hormone therapy or surgery.

In order to get surgery, they must be told they will have to go through the process of gender reassignment surgery, which involves removing a part of their genitals.

This involves the removal of the sex assigned to them by their biological sex, sometimes called genitalia.

A study published in 2013 by the British Medical Association found that in some cases the cost of a transgender surgery was as high as $300K.

Mr Hunt said the Government was working to ensure transgender people were given access to the NHS when they needed it most.

“The Government has made great strides in protecting transgender people from discrimination in recent years, and we are continuing to take that forward,” he added.

“It is clear that transgender patients are a priority for us in providing high quality NHS services, and I am determined to ensure that trans people are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.”

Transsexuals will be eligible for a Gender Recognition Certificate from the NHS after five years of hormone therapy, although the process is not compulsory.

The cost of gender change surgery will now depend on the health of the person who will be undergoing it.

The Government is also making it easier to get information about the gender identity of transgender people.

This includes information about their health, whether they have been treated for mental health issues and their gender identity.

A Department of Health spokesperson said:”There will be a Gender Identity Test to establish if a patient is transgender and they will be able to access health care if they are seeking it.”

They will be given a list of health services they can access.

NICE, the Gender Recognitions Authority, and other body will be working to provide guidance to all NHS bodies, including the NHS, to help them to provide this information.”

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