How to avoid the dreaded prostate cancer recovery

It’s no secret that the prostate is one of the most common cancers in the country.

But it’s also one of its most challenging, requiring surgical intervention to keep it under control.

The following are five ways to avoid this dreaded operation.


Don’t wait until the end of the month to start your recovery process.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get surgery, the best time to do it is before your prostate cancer diagnosis.

The sooner you know you’ve caught it, the better.


Get your doctor to sign off on your procedure.

You may have heard the term “resuscitation” or “surgical recovery” from other patients, but the real reason you need surgery is to avoid a recurrence.

This is a good time to get the best surgery possible, even if it involves an expensive procedure.

If you do have an incision to close, it’s best to do this before your tumor has spread to other parts of your body.


Don ‘t worry about pain.

Painkillers can be an effective pain reliever, but they’re not going to get you through a recurrences.

Instead, think about your recovery from your last surgery, and make sure you don’t get too far from home.


Be honest with your doctor about your prostate.

Ask if you’ll be able to go home for a while, and if so, when.

A few things to remember: The prostate is not just a source of testosterone, it also produces estrogen.

It’s not your body’s fault if it can’t heal.

You can’t reverse this.

You’re just at risk of having a recuperative disease.

It can take years for your symptoms to improve.


Don’ t worry about how your prostate is looking.

Even if your doctor tells you it’s fine, there are things you can do to make it look better, even at a glance.

For example, keep your nails thin and your skin dry.

Be aware that the most important thing is that you’re well and your prostate doesn’t need to be treated.

Dr. Gary Niederauer is a plastic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic.

Follow him on Twitter: @DrGaryNiederau

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