What surgery to treat an eye injury that left a patient without a prosthetic

A Florida man who had a torn meniscue in his left eye and needed surgery to remove the tear has been diagnosed with the rare type of nerve damage.

The condition, called retinal detachment, is a result of the nerve being damaged or missing, and can be caused by surgery or trauma.

The procedure is a relatively new one, and not commonly performed on the U.S. The man, identified only as David, was treated at a clinic in Lakeland, Florida, in February, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

The tear was caused when the left side of David’s right eye was pulled out of its socket during an accident.

The left side was replaced with an implant.

The eye is now completely healed and the man is expected a full return to normal activities within three to four weeks.

“He has never had any pain in his eye,” said Dr. Kevin Dube, director of the University of Florida Eye and Ear Center.

“We don’t know why this tear happened, but he’s never had an eye surgery, so we’re hopeful that he’ll be back to normal and able to function normally.”

The tear is believed to be caused when a nerve is damaged or damaged without proper repair.

In other words, the nerve does not connect properly.

“The surgeon removed the nerve and the tear, but we haven’t yet identified what the nerve is,” Dube said.

“It was a traumatic injury that occurred in a sports accident.

We don’t really know how that nerve was damaged or how to repair it.”

The condition is not rare.

It is estimated that there are approximately 1.5 million nerve damage cases worldwide, with up to 90 percent of them affecting the right eye.

In the U, more than 20,000 nerve damage surgeries are performed each year.

“There are no known therapies to treat retinal detachments,” Dubes said.

A tear is not the only type of injury that can cause nerve damage in the eye.

The retinal nerve is the main pathway to the eye that is responsible for vision.

In severe cases, damage to the nerve can cause vision loss, blurred vision and even blindness.

“A lot of patients have a severe injury to the right retinal ganglion cell, which is the nerve that is connected to the retina,” said Dube.

And that can be very debilitating.”

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