How to have a Korean plastic surgery for less than $200K

A Korean plastic surgeon has posted a video to YouTube in which he shows how to remove a few pounds of plastic from your body with less than half the cost of a typical plastic surgery.

The video, posted by the South Korean plastic surgeons association, was filmed by Choi-hyun Shin.

It shows Shin removing plastic from his face, chin, neck and chest.

He also shows how you can remove your hair, teeth and nails using a machine and using your fingernails to peel the skin.

The video is a video that has gone viral and has been viewed more than 3.6 million times on YouTube.

Shin told AP on Wednesday that the video is not sponsored by the plastic surgeons organization.

The organization has no affiliation with Choi-Hyun Shin, and the video was posted by its YouTube channel without any compensation.

“I’m not trying to take away from plastic surgery, but I’m trying to show that plastic surgery can be done for less money and in less time than if you were going to have surgery in a doctor’s office,” Shin said.

Shin said he has performed more than 1,200 surgeries since he graduated from the University of South Korea with a degree in plastic surgery in 2008.

Shin says he used to work for a large medical firm in the South.

Shin says he is currently working as a personal assistant at a restaurant.

He said he wants to help people get better at self-care, and he hopes to continue working in the plastic surgery industry.

Shin is not the first plastic surgeon to post videos to YouTube.

Kim Dong-hee, a Korean surgeon, posted a clip in April that showed him removing skin from his legs with a machine.

The South Korean government has been pushing for the plastic surgeon association to increase its compensation for plastic surgery to $600,000 per year.

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