‘The Big Sick’ star, Ben Affleck and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ star turn down $3.3 million for surgery

“The Big Suck” star, Ryan Gosling and “The Wolf Of Wall Street” star turned down $2.4 million for orthognathics, orthopedic surgery and eye bags surgery, according to TMZ. 

Gosling’s reps told the site that the actor is in the final stages of the procedure, which he’s been doing since December.

The star, who starred in “The Blind Side” and “Lincoln,” recently told People that he has “an eye in a bag” and has a “little bit of pain.”

“We’re getting there,” Gosling said.

“I’ve got a little bit of a scar in my eye.

I’m in the last stages of getting that out.”

The $2 million deal would have been the third-highest grossing movie ever for Gosling.

He has also been linked to a sequel to “Logan,” which was released in January.

The film’s producer, Lionsgate, told People in a statement that “Ryan has agreed to join our team and help us make a Logan sequel that’s worth the $3 million.”

“It is a massive opportunity for him to become an important part of our family and to be an integral part of what we are doing at Lionsgate,” the statement said.

The director, Gary Ross, said in an interview with People that the star was “just waiting for a call.” 

“He just has to get a call,” Ross said. 

“Ryan is going to have an eye in the bag,” he continued.

“He just had surgery a couple of weeks ago and it’s been really, really bad.

The swelling has been unbelievable.

It’s been like an infection.

It hurts.

But the surgery was great.

He had a lot of painkillers and they were like, ‘Oh, Ryan, you have to be on painkillers.'”

Goslings brother, Ben, is also undergoing eye surgery.

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