What happens when your wife’s doctor tells you she needs surgery to fix her broken eye?

The weeknd has been singing in concert for the last year or so, and has been touring the world with his new album, In Colour.

He has been in and out of the news since he went to China to promote the album, and it is no secret that the singer has been having problems with his eye since last year.

During a performance in January, the singer was forced to undergo eye surgery due to a severe infection.

However, the weeknd said he had a good news story and that it was a blessing.

“I got a call from my doctor that the infection was in my eye, and I got the surgery,” he told ABC News.

But how serious is the infection? “

It’s the worst eye I’ve ever had.”

But how serious is the infection?

While it is a serious infection, there are other things that could lead to it.

According to Dr. Andrew S. Wahl, a specialist in eye surgery at the University of Wisconsin, there could be a number of complications.

“You can have complications that are very minor, but they could be serious if the infection becomes severe enough,” Wahl said.

“It’s a little bit of a risk, because it’s hard to say for sure if there’s any chance that the eye infection will lead to complications.

So it’s something that you should be really careful about, and you need to be proactive about getting your eye checked out, because sometimes that infection could cause complications.”

While there are currently no known complications associated with the infection, Wahl explained that it’s possible that there could come a time when the infection is serious enough that surgery is required.

“When you get an infection like that, you’ve got to get surgery, so you have to get an eye doctor, because they’ll determine if it’s going to be life-threatening,” he said.

In order to be treated effectively, you have an eye exam and an MRI, as well as having a CT scan of the eye.

In order to get the surgery, you need a corneal transplant.

Wahls said that he was optimistic that the surgery would not be needed because there were no complications associated to the infection.

The weeknd told ABC Radio Australia that he had to wait about a month before getting the surgery.

“If I get a cornea transplant, I can go back and have it done in about a week or two,” he explained.

“But if I have a coronal mass, I might not be able to do that in time.”

In the end, it’s a blessing because you’ve had a successful surgery, and hopefully you can do it again.

“While the surgery is a major medical procedure, the weeks wife, Kim Kardashian West, said that she didn’t need it, even though she is pregnant.”

I think [the surgery] was a miracle,” she added. “

So, I’m glad it’s not necessary.”

“I think [the surgery] was a miracle,” she added.

“He was a little frustrated with the surgery for a long time, but it worked out.”

It is not the first time the weekend star has had complications.

He said that in 2015, he had surgery on his left eye after being treated for a viral infection that came back.

In his case, doctors were able to cure the infection and get him back on the road.

However, his wife said that while he had been treated well, it was not the best option.

“He said he felt bad, and so I think that was the best way to express his emotions,” she told ABC radio.

“In his mind, I had been really good to him, but he was very angry and didn’t like it.

I said, ‘I’m not your father, and if I get cancer, I will have to put a stop to you,’ and he said, OK, but you know what, it won’t affect me too much.”

Dr. Andrew Wahl says that while complications can occur when surgery is needed, the majority of cases are due to poor eye care.

“Most of the time, they’re not really eye problems.

I mean, I mean they’re eye infections, but usually they’re pretty minor, so they don’t get really bad,” he added.

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