Woman, 28, suffers ‘life-changing’ surgery after plastic surgery

A woman from Texas is recovering from her first plastic surgery surgery after being told she had a rare condition called “gallstone surgery” and had been given a “vive-like” cosmetic treatment.

In a Facebook post from January, a woman named Stephanie said her plastic surgeon, John Correa, said his operation would cost about $300,000.

“He told me I would have a life-changing operation and I am going to be able to do anything I want,” Stephanie wrote.

I did not know that it was even possible for a surgeon to have a ‘Gallstone’ and still do surgery like he did.””

I was just shocked.

I did not know that it was even possible for a surgeon to have a ‘Gallstone’ and still do surgery like he did.”

Stephanie said she was in a relationship and she and her husband were not ready to move on with life.

“After seeing how much I needed his surgery and seeing the incredible results he was able to give me, I knew this was the best option I could possibly find,” she wrote.

Stephan, who asked that her real name not be used, said she went through two other procedures before she had the surgery, but the first one was “too expensive”.

“The second one was the same thing.

It was a very painful procedure but the results were amazing and I felt so great,” she said.”

The surgeon came in to talk to me and was able at that moment to tell me he had seen the Gallstone in my neck and was really excited to help me.”

She said she had to undergo a CT scan before she was able the surgery.

“When he got to my neck, he was like ‘Wow, this is a gallstone,’ and I knew right away I was the lucky girl.”

My life-long dream was to have surgery like this,” Stephanie said.

Her husband, Brandon, said the surgery would have been “very painful” but he was “grateful” the surgeon did it and that they were going to “live happily ever after”.”

I am not sure how much he has paid, but I will be able put my wedding ring on,” Brandon said.

Mr Correa told the Austin American-Statesman he had done many surgeries before.”

You have the best surgeon in the world and a great team behind you.

I was amazed by how quickly everything was done,” he said.

His surgery was done by Dr John Correas team at a hospital in Austin, Texas.”

We were very happy and proud to have been selected by the surgeons team for this surgery,” he told the newspaper.”

This was a first in the U.S.A. and we are looking forward to doing more in the future,” he added.

The surgeon said the operation would have taken place at his clinic in Austin.”

It will be done with a special team and I will make sure everyone is in the same room with us and be there for the entire process,” he wrote.

In December, Dr Correa had a plastic surgeon remove part of a gallbladder after his surgery, leaving Stephanie and her daughter with the condition.

He told the ABC he had had gallstones removed in the past.”

In the past, I had to have two surgeons remove gallbladders.

That is not the case today,” he explained.”

If the gallstones were removed, it would be a pretty common procedure and there would be no risk.

“Stephane said she is now “happy and healthy” after having her first surgery and is ready to “move on”.”

We have everything together, we have our lives together and I’m really happy,” she told the paper.”

There is nothing that I can’t do with this,” she added.


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