How can you get a gender-confirmation surgery?

How can I get a Gender-Confirmation Surgery?

I can do it without any surgeries, I just need to wear my gender marker for a few days, and then I can get it removed.

What do I need to do?

For this procedure to work you need to remove your old male/female markers and you’ll need to put on the new ones every time you change your name.

It’s a lot like having a facial surgery, but without all the complications.

There are a few things you need, if you’re a trans man, you’ll also need to have surgery.

Firstly, you need a doctor who is a specialist in gender reassignment surgery.

They can do gender reassignments and gender dysphoria, which is the term used to describe when you’re unsure about your gender identity and the way you feel.

Secondly, you will need a Gender Identity Clinic.

They’re basically people who can refer you to a specialist who can get you a diagnosis of gender dysphoric disorder.

The specialist will work out what gender dysphorias you have and how to get them corrected.

Finally, you must have a good excuse for why you need this surgery.

If you want to get a new gender marker, you can always get one in your home.

If there’s no surgery, you have to have it removed, which means you’re in the same situation as someone who has surgery but doesn’t know why.

What is the surgery done for?

There’s no set procedure for gender reassigning surgery, it depends on what you have.

For instance, if your old marker is a male/male, you could get a male marker and get surgery to remove it.

Or, if it’s a female/female, you’d have to put in a female marker, get surgery, and have it all removed.

You might need to change your body shape a bit, so a lot of people opt for a lot more facial hair and/or eyelid surgeries, because they don’t want to be seen as masculine.

How do I get gender-correcting surgery?

It doesn’t matter what your gender marker is, the only thing you need is a doctor to help you with it.

They’ll give you a referral and then you’ll be able to get it done.

Who pays for this?

Gender-confirming surgery is covered by Medicare, and in some states and territories it is also free.

I’m an Australian citizen.

Do I need a visa?


Is this an irreversible procedure?


Do I need surgery?


How long do I have to wait?

A few weeks.

Are there any complications?

The surgery can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t know how it works.

Does it involve putting a penis in your vagina?

Yes, although it can be tricky to find someone to help.

Can I have a baby while I’m waiting?

No, you’re still stuck with your old markers.

Will this surgery be permanent?No.

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